•      S.I NET: a specialist Internet and Telecom Service Provider with strong focus on engineering excellence and reliable support.

  •     S.I TRAVEL: a successful tour operator and travel agency specializing in exotic destinations in Indochina and outbound tour packages to destinations around the world.

  the sole partner and distributor of Japan Tobacco Inc. (JTI) products. We are one of the leading Tobacco distributors in Cambodia with 90 permanent staffs nationwide since 1992. Together with our sister trading company BDC Ltd., we have established strong and reliable distribution channels in all provinces and remote areas.
A real estate specialist in Cambodia, managing and operating office spaces, warehouses and land in premier locations nationwide. Our property are well-suited for commercial and industrial uses such as company branches, small to medium organizations and entreprises, warehouses or distribution depots. All our properties are well connected with reliable utility supplies and dedicated fiber optic Internet access.
  the premier partner of LIXCO Joint Stock Company and the main distributor of LIX Detergent products, one of the most recognizable brand in Cambodia household market. We have well-established distribution channels in all provinces and remote areas with 85 permanent staffs nationwide since 1995.